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  • The anti-access groups and so-called environmentalists use their vast resources to lock you out and get areas you like to use closed.
  • Management agencies use closures to avoid dealing with enforcing rules evenly and effectively — management by closure.

The following organizations work to represent you to keep public lands open and accessible to everyone.  They often lack the resources needed to fight for you.  You may have not known that they are advocating for you.  They desperately need your support.

Pick one or more of these organizations and support them, so they can have the resources they need to keep up the fight.  It’s simple and easy and you can make a difference. 

Thank you; your help is invaluable.

Know someone not on this list?

Let us know.

Industry associations and others

Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA)

The organization promotes responsible use of public lands and waterways and seeks to protect access to these areas. It includes OHV and snowmobile enthusiasts along with horseback riders, hunters, fishermen, and others.

American Recreation Coalition (ARC)

A nonprofit organization which seeks to catalyze public/private partnerships to enhance and protect outdoor recreational opportunities and resources. Members encompass a large range of recreational industries.

ATV Association

National membership organization for ATV riders and owners.

North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC)

An alliance of organizations which facilitates communications within the motorized recreation community. NAMRC seeks to share information, expertise, and resources to enhance a unified message.

Off-Road Business Association (ORBA)

A nonprofit organization composed of hundreds of businesses nationwide involved in the off-highway vehicle recreation industry. ORBA’s principal mission is to ensure the long-term viability of those businesses by working to keep public lands open to responsible recreational activities. Partner organizations: United Four Wheel Drive Associations, One Voice, UTV Impact and United Snowmobile Alliance.

Outdoor Recreation Roundtable

The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable promotes the growth of the outdoor recreation economy and outdoor recreation activities. We educate decision makers and the public on balanced policies that conserve public lands and waterways and enhance infrastructure to improve the experience and quality of life of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Advancing these values is critical to growing outdoor recreation in the United States, which already accounts for $689 billion in annual economic output coming from the activities of America’s 144 million outdoor enthusiasts.